Friday, February 10, 2006

Night on the town.

So last nights shows were interesting. The first show at Pyzzz in Putnam went over very well. Saw my friend Dave Kanell, most of my paintball team showed up, so that was cool. Met Andy Paquette, a very funny guy, who's cousin, Dan The Librarian I have worked with many times. Also got to meet Scott Higgins, a very funny guy, who will be headlining my hosting gig at The Main Pub in 2 weeks. Then came the other half of the night, the open mic at The Oasis Pub. Jesse G, good friend and fellow comic went on first. This crowd was BRUTAL. He didn't get his first joke out before they started heckling him. He did real well handling it though, and passed the mic to me. They were a bit kinder to me, they actually shut up to hear some of my material. Had to deal with a couple hecklers, it was a lot of fun, just not at all what I expected. My first time having hecklers was a great learning experience. I think that I excel at thinking on the fly, so I got to showcase some of that with these folks. All were extremely nice after the show, telling me I was funny, and to come back, and I know I will, I need more practice dealing with hecklers anyway.


Anonymous Denise said...

When Dave says these people were brutal is is quite possibly the understatement of the year. He did well thoguh and it was an interesting crowd for sure.

5:04 PM  

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