Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What a long, strange trip...

So I'm back from NYC, and my Last Comic Standing audition. I Got up at 2:15 AM, got dressed, and hopped in the car. After a quick detour for gas, I headed to New Haven to meet Dave Kanell, and hop a train to the city. We got our tickets, and on the train with no incident. Got to the city, and walked the 1.16 miles to Caroline's Comedy Club. The line was the length of the front of the building, and wrapped about halfway around the side when we arrived about 6:30 AM. We quickly secured our spot in line, and thankfully, met some VERY cool people. Craig Loydgren, and Anne Diaz, as well as a man named Gary, whose last name I did not get, but I certainly will not forget him. For the next few hours, we kept each other company, hanging out, bullshitting, cracking on each other and random other people around. At one point, Rich Vos, one of my favorite comics, walked past with a camera crew, and his wife, Bonnie Macfarlane. He got closer to us, and I stopped him, and he talked to me for a few seconds on camera. We continued to BS after that for a while, braving the cold aided by Craig's timely and humanly purchase of Coffee for us (THANK GOD FOR YOU, CRAIG!). As we rounded the corner of the building about 10:45 or so, things started to get a little brighter for us as we eagerly awaited the chance to get in front of the panel. We met, along the way, a fantastic Latino man who's only name I got was Ron, and he joined our group. Anthony Clark, from TV's "Yes, Dear", and host of this yaers LCS, came around and was interviewing random people in line. He walked past our group, and I turned away. When Dave pointed me back towards his direction, I realized he wanted to talk to me. We shook hands, and he asked me a few crazy questions, to which I of course had a goofy answer. He then shook my hand and told me he hoped to see me inside. I thanked him, and was handed a sheet of paper by a production assistant, who told me "fill this out and get it back to me, and we'll put you on TV" HOLY SHIT, I'm gonna be on TV! That excitement kept me going despite the anxiety I had over auditions. About 1:25 or so, a NYPD officer informed the 20 people in front of us, and everyone else behind them, that the line was cut off, and no one behind that point would be seen, but that NBC would be posting where to send an audition tape in. While horribly disappointed from being up since 2:15 AM, I was happy that I gave it a shot, and at least I would be on TV, even if it isn't living in the house and tormenting 11 other comics. I'll be sending my tape in ASAP, as I am an attention whore, and even though I am disillusioned with the whole thing, I still need to take that chance... see my MYSPACE page for new shows added as a result of this LCS experience.


Anonymous Anne Ciccio said...

Congrats Dave on getting on TV. I will definately be TIVOing LCS to see a glimse of your mug and to tell everyone I know....that I once beat you up :)

10:06 AM  

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