Friday, March 17, 2006


So, for the last few weeks, I have been testing out a new product, made by a company called Anabolic Fitness. It's made with a low dose of synthetic oxytocin, a hormone originally used to aid women in lactation. New research, however, has shown it has great effects as a mood enhancer, or a "social lubricant". Allowing people to be freer with their inhibitions, relieve stress, even help with the effects of nicotine withdrawl, experienced by those quitting smoking. It's a completely legal, OTC supplement, in an aerosol container. 3 sprays per side, 3 times per day is all you need. Doesn't give you the loopy or groggy feelings like prescription drugs do, but it has greatly increased my focus, made me MUCH more patient, especially with my children, and last night I had two of my best sets ever on stage. It's really an amazing product. Visit for in depth info. Most of you who know me know how I am with my nutritional supplements, I don't screw around with stuff like this, it has to be the real deal for me to push it, and I am adamant about keeping people away from crap products. If anyone is interested in ordering any, it's 25.00 a bottle, shipping included, you can get it through me, or the website with all the info on it. If you buy it from me, I'll hand deliver it to you. Also, please, check my myspace page for upcoming shows, I was invited to perform every wednesday night at a new venue in Dayville, just north of me. I'm going to check it out one of these weeks. And when you are on please be sure to click on Jesse G's profile, and show the man some love, of the non sexual variety.


Anonymous doddjane said...

I have been using oxycalm for a few days and the results have been amazing.The odd thing is it makes me feel a little wired and I struggle to sleep sometimes after snorting it. I will admit it makes me more focused and makes me want to do things. The only problem is today I never took it and I am feeling 'moody' as if I am coming off something. I also slept this afternoon because I could not sleep at night. Does anyone know more about the product?Is it addictive?

6:47 AM  
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